KINFINDER is a genealogical application. It allows you to store, edit, and research genealogical data, with similar functionality to other genealogical programs.  It is intended to mirror the functionality of popular software packages such as Gramps and Family Tree Maker

However, KINFINDER offers some additional unique features.

KINFINDER attempts to provide all of the common capabilities of other genealogical programs, but, more importantly, to provide an additional capability of integration not common to these programs. This is the ability to input any bits and pieces of information directly into KINFINDER and rearrange/manipulate any/all data events in the entire data base (in any order or sequence) to assist the user in doing research, analysis and correlation with the potential of filling relationship gaps.

KINFINDER currently runs on Linux, Mac OS/X, and Windows and has the ability to run on any platform that Novell's Mono and GTK# has been ported to, all without having to install dozens of dependancies.

Feature List

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